AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-05-21missing argument to fugitive_install_config important for remote installp4bl0
2011-05-21updated my email address in the README commit at installationp4bl0
2011-05-21BUGFIX: generated html for articles added in a commit with template changes w...p4bl0
2011-05-17spellcheck READMEAntoine Amarilli
2011-05-17fix typoAntoine Amarilli
2010-12-24fix replace_str '&' bugp4bl0
2010-11-22"mktemp -d" fails on my installtion, "mktemp -p" works fineThomas Eichinger
2010-09-27fixing w3c error caused by xml:lang being present in html tag but not lang attrp4bl0
2010-09-27Merge branch 'master' of
2010-09-27added *datetime_html5 variables to be compliant with heretic w3c standardp4bl0
2010-09-24added an install-config options to be used in pair with --install-hooks to tr...p4bl0
2010-09-24Merge branch 'master' of git://
2010-09-24Changing the author of the README default article (since it's me not the user)p4bl0
2010-09-23css fix for webkitp4bl0
2010-09-18fixed typos in the READMEp4bl0
2010-09-18added a Hacking and a Issues section to the readmep4bl0
2010-09-18added link in titlesp4bl0
2010-09-18Merge branch 'master' of Berthold:projects/fugitivep4bl0
2010-09-17grep and sed bugfixAntoine Amarilli
2010-09-16replaced '\s' by '[[:space:]]' in grep calls to fix compatibility issuesp4bl0
2010-09-12added :active style for links (for tab-navigation)p4bl0
2010-09-05fixed typo in the READMEp4bl0
2010-09-04removed mktemp call options because of a compatibility issue with BSD mktemp ...p4bl0
2010-09-04wrote some quick and dirty help and usage messagep4bl0
2010-09-04Merge branch 'master' of Berthold:projects/fugitivep4bl0
2010-09-04changed README post file namep4bl0
2010-09-04finished README writingp4bl0
2010-08-26fixed formatting in the READMEp4bl0
2010-08-11added details about the template systemp4bl0
2010-08-11started to write the template system doc in the READMEp4bl0
2010-08-10now preventing commit when zero article (for real ^^) and push when fugitive....p4bl0
2010-08-10grammar fixesp4bl0
2010-08-10preventing commit or pushing with zero articlep4bl0
2010-08-08README typop4bl0
2010-08-08updated READMEp4bl0
2010-08-08now detecting template change, regenerating everything in that casep4bl0
2010-08-08removed unnecessary argumentp4bl0
2010-08-08changed README (fixed a link and a typo)p4bl0
2010-08-08fixed little bug (sh doesn't know about &> redirection)p4bl0
2010-08-02changed default quote in default template header + bottom nav stylep4bl0
2010-08-02post-receive now works :-)p4bl0
2010-07-29added style for aside elementp4bl0
2010-07-29adding a nav panel at the bottom of the default templatep4bl0
2010-07-27added styles for links in headersp4bl0
2010-07-27reformatted default css codep4bl0
2010-07-26updated path to generated article that is added in exclude listp4bl0
2010-07-26install process must be different for remote and local... too badp4bl0
2010-07-26replaced tempfile call by mktemp onesp4bl0
2010-07-26putting lines specific to post-commit at the top of the file so the rest coul...p4bl0
2010-07-26changed default public dir to '_public' instead of '.'p4bl0