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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-02-16Merge branch 'compress' into sitemapPeter Ludikovsky
2016-02-16Fixed regenerating articlesPeter Ludikovsky
2016-02-16Sitemap generationPeter Ludikovsky
2016-02-16Fixed overwrite of existing filesPeter Ludikovsky
2016-02-16Added feature for static compression.Peter Ludikovsky
Article generation now automatically compresses articles and feeds for use with web servers supporting it, eg. gzip_static on nginx.
2016-02-15Added support for Atom feeds, improved validation for RSS feedsPeter Ludikovsky
2012-03-15cleaner fix ... everywherep4bl0
2012-03-05cleaner fixp4bl0
2012-02-26it seems some version of mktemp create file with mode 600, this is a ↵p4bl0
quickfix for affected systems
2012-02-26fix live update bug for real ^^' (thx a3nm)p4bl0
2012-02-26fix live update bugAntoine Amarilli
2011-10-29mmm... it's actually not cool to have all these blank lines in generated ↵p4bl0
html, fixed that.
2011-08-25fixed preproc-not-done-everywhere bug (simple is beautiful, simple works!)p4bl0
2011-08-25do not removed empty lines in article anymorep4bl0
2011-07-24Changing mktemp calls and some two sed calls to make it work with BSD ↵Leif Walsh
coreutils (and still GNU coreutils valid)
2011-07-09Fixed preproc and article title problemp4bl0
2011-07-07preventing from using of preprocessed article titlePatrik Willard
2011-07-07replacing --quiet option of git-show with the more reliable -s optionPatrik Willard
2011-05-31fix bug due to the sort command ignoring whitespace... everywherep4bl0
2011-05-31fix bug due to the sort command ignoring whitespacep4bl0
2011-05-21BUGFIX: generated html for articles added in a commit with template changes ↵p4bl0
were not added to ignore list
2010-12-24fix replace_str '&' bugp4bl0
'&' is a special char for sed and needed to be escaped (it caused bug for instance when the title of an article contained xml entities like ")
2010-11-22"mktemp -d" fails on my installtion, "mktemp -p" works fineThomas Eichinger
2010-09-27added *datetime_html5 variables to be compliant with heretic w3c standardp4bl0
2010-09-17grep and sed bugfixAntoine Amarilli
2010-09-04removed mktemp call options because of a compatibility issue with BSD mktemp ↵p4bl0
2010-08-11started to write the template system doc in the READMEp4bl0
2010-08-10now preventing commit when zero article (for real ^^) and push when ↵p4bl0 not set
2010-08-10preventing commit or pushing with zero articlep4bl0
2010-08-08now detecting template change, regenerating everything in that casep4bl0
2010-08-02post-receive now works :-)p4bl0