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2016-02-16Sitemap generationPeter Ludikovsky
2016-02-16Fixed excludesPeter Ludikovsky
2016-02-15Added support for Atom feeds, improved validation for RSS feedsPeter Ludikovsky
2015-03-05rename README into README.htmlp4bl0
2011-08-14bugfix: do not try to git init if there already a git repos (oops ^^)p4bl0
2011-07-24Asking for confirmation when installing on existing git repository instead of...p4bl0
2011-07-14rewrite instead of append for pre- hooksp4bl0
2011-05-21missing argument to fugitive_install_config important for remote installp4bl0
2011-05-21updated my email address in the README commit at installationp4bl0
2010-09-24added an install-config options to be used in pair with --install-hooks to tr...p4bl0
2010-09-24Changing the author of the README default article (since it's me not the user)p4bl0
2010-09-16replaced '\s' by '[[:space:]]' in grep calls to fix compatibility issuesp4bl0
2010-09-04wrote some quick and dirty help and usage messagep4bl0
2010-09-04changed README post file namep4bl0
2010-08-10now preventing commit when zero article (for real ^^) and push when fugitive....p4bl0
2010-08-08removed unnecessary argumentp4bl0
2010-08-08fixed little bug (sh doesn't know about &> redirection)p4bl0
2010-08-02post-receive now works :-)p4bl0
2010-07-26install process must be different for remote and local... too badp4bl0
2010-07-26changed default public dir to '_public' instead of '.'p4bl0
2010-07-25now generating rss feed toop4bl0
2010-07-25reordering install processp4bl0
2010-07-25using new include feature in default templates. Reorganised files accordinglyp4bl0
2010-07-24check for existing git repos before install. abort if one exists to avoid ove...p4bl0
2010-07-24added preprocessing possibilities for article (to enable use of Markdown, tex...p4bl0
2010-07-24README is now the first article on fresh installp4bl0
2010-07-24fixed paths accoring to new directory structurep4bl0
2010-07-24added a default print stylesheetp4bl0
2010-07-24changing directory structure to be more usablep4bl0
2010-07-23wrote build script + fixed bugs installation bugsp4bl0
2010-07-23will manage exclude list another, more clever wayp4bl0
2010-07-23in fact a Makefile makes no sens here, what I'll need is juste un build scrip...p4bl0