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2016-02-16Sitemap generationPeter Ludikovsky
2016-02-16Added Sitemap templatePeter Ludikovsky
2016-02-16Fixed repo URLsPeter Ludikovsky
2016-02-15Added support for Atom feeds, improved validation for RSS feedsPeter Ludikovsky
2014-02-24fugitive.css: fix typoJames Darnley
2013-09-05mobile friendly default templatep4bl0
2011-08-31added style for ordered list in default cssp4bl0
2011-07-17html5 fix in default templatep4bl0
2011-05-31added titles to previous/next links in default templatep4bl0
2010-09-27fixing w3c error caused by xml:lang being present in html tag but not lang attrp4bl0
2010-09-27added *datetime_html5 variables to be compliant with heretic w3c standardp4bl0
2010-09-23css fix for webkitp4bl0
2010-09-18added link in titlesp4bl0
2010-09-12added :active style for links (for tab-navigation)p4bl0
2010-08-02changed default quote in default template header + bottom nav stylep4bl0
2010-07-29added style for aside elementp4bl0
2010-07-29adding a nav panel at the bottom of the default templatep4bl0
2010-07-27added styles for links in headersp4bl0
2010-07-27reformatted default css codep4bl0
2010-07-25now generating rss feed toop4bl0
2010-07-25reorganised includes in default templatesp4bl0
2010-07-25using new include feature in default templates. Reorganised files accordinglyp4bl0