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2010-08-02post-receive now works :-)p4bl0
2010-07-26updated path to generated article that is added in exclude listp4bl0
2010-07-26replaced tempfile call by mktemp onesp4bl0
2010-07-26putting lines specific to post-commit at the top of the file so the rest coul...p4bl0
2010-07-25now generating rss feed toop4bl0
2010-07-25reorganised includes in default templatesp4bl0
2010-07-25renamed functionsp4bl0
2010-07-25preventing to go through foreach loops if not actually in use (there can be a...p4bl0
2010-07-25the foreach:commit loop now worksp4bl0
2010-07-25include directive now works \o/p4bl0
2010-07-24regenerating previous and next file if necessary for navigation linksp4bl0
2010-07-24the preproc should be a unix filterp4bl0
2010-07-24added preprocessing possibilities for article (to enable use of Markdown, tex...p4bl0
2010-07-24implemented foreach:article template control, archives now workingp4bl0
2010-07-24delete blank lines in generated htmlp4bl0
2010-07-24conditionnal in template system! \o/p4bl0
2010-07-23replace article content first to enable fugitive templating inside articlep4bl0
2010-07-23added article_url template variablep4bl0
2010-07-23wrote build script + fixed bugs installation bugsp4bl0
2010-07-23in fact a Makefile makes no sens here, what I'll need is juste un build scrip...p4bl0